Our Mission

As we said, we have big dreams. We realise the need for healthy, tasty and ethically sourced rewards and more importantly, how vital high value rewards can be to success during training and behaviour modification. We hope that through proving healthy and natural treats don't need to cost an arm or a paw, that healthier alternatives will become the staple ingredient in all pet owners and trainers toolkits. We also appreciate the complications many dogs have surrounding allergies, food intolerances, or underlying health conditions. That is why we hope that through creating a brand of natural treats that are suitable for almost all dogs and ages, we will eliminate the excessive prices that accompany many big chain health food brands.

Our History

As we mentioned, we are a sister company to Paws Dog Training & Behaviour. During the growth and development of that side of things, we noticed a void in the market that many dog owners were falling in to. Be it lack of knowledge or ability to source natural treats and rewards, or simply being priced out of buying them by pet stores and large supermarket chains, whatever the reason was we decided to make a stand.

We first decided to research and source ethically produced Deer Antlers to aid dogs with chewing and also provide an excellent, natural way to clean our dogs teeth. When we discovered the profit margins the big stores and many online retailers were making we were astounded. We couldn't believe people were being forced to pay excessive prices simply because they wanted a natural and healthy treat for their dog. So again we sat down together, researched and sourced some of the best treats we could find with no other goal than to provide as many dogs and owners the option of living a heathy lifestyle, without breaking the bank. We hope we are succeeding at this and we continue to endeavour to this end every single day. We now have our sights on becoming a national business helping dogs up and down the country live the best life they can, with the tastiest treats around.